The Yonder Pack

$ 155.00

Handsome and efficient, the new "Yonder" Pack is a hardy solution to travel needs! We've adapted our style of worn-leather and heavy-duty canvas companions to a compact day use design. The bag measures 16" tall by 11" wide, with a 5" deep storage space. This makes it perfect for stowing clothing, journals, laptops and tablets. The Yonder Pack is insulated with a thick nylon lining, and includes a zipper pocket on one side and a water-bottle sized pocket on the other. Additionally, it carries our signature MotoStuka image; the entire front is our hand-distressed leather with a rustic shine.

The Yonder Pack, like all of our products, is made entirely in the USA. We hand-finish the leather ourselves with the same process we use for the popular "Shanks" gloves!

100% made in the U.S.A.

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